What sets us apart from other acupuncturists is that we tailor the treatments bases on the constitution of individual by their Chinese pulses and Color-Sound-Odor-Emotion (CSOE).

The art is based on the Law of the five Elements which is the representation of nature. Everyone is affected by changes in nature differently, for example: Seasonal allergies. We gently, assist the body to come into balance on its own and help in transition from season to season in health. Our goal is for the body to heal itself. Other acupuncturists use formula treatments, meaning everyone who walks in with low back pain receives the same treatment or points.

We believe that energy is very sacred; we choose and locate our points with precision in odder to accomplish balance. During treatment we are constantly reading the Chinese pulses which indicate to us what the body’s needs are, since they change after just one point. Other acupuncturists use many more points in their treatments and do not take the pulses regularly or even at all during the session.

Unlike other acupuncturists who sometimes see there to five patients at a time, we work on an appointment basis giving our undivided attention to each patient.

Classical Five Element Acupuncture