bn faqs

1) What type of needles are used?
Acupuncture needles used in our offices are sterile, disposable, and discarded after each use. Needles are slender as a human hair.

2) Do the needles hurt?
The insertion of Acupuncture needles is accompanied by minimal discomfort or tingling sensation which dissipates in seconds after each needle is removed. This sensation is not only common but desirable because it indicates the presence of chi.

3) How many needles are used and where they are placed?
Depends on your individual needs. Classical Five Element Acupuncture calls for using as few needles as possible. Placement of needles may be quite remote from the site of your ache or pain.

4) What can I expect?
It is normal to experience a sense of relaxation and well being following your acupuncture treatment. It is not uncommon for symptoms to fluctuate before disappearing. Fatigue and sometimes temporary aggravation of pain may follow a treatment. If they should continue, please notify us promptly.

5) What is Classical Five Element acupuncture?
Classical Five Element Acupuncture reaches the body, mind and spirit. Nature and the cycle of the seasons are the basis of the Five Element system. The assessment of the individual's relationship to their own inner nature as well as to their surrounding world is part of the diagnosis discussed during the initial interview, which reviews a comprehensive health history of the individual. This is why treatment is tailored to each person. Treatment awakens the healing capacity within each of us, allowing us to improve our quality of life.

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